HERENESS — A New Standard of Comfort in Sports Apparel

We’re out there. We’re trailing up the sides of mountains and pounding the pavement downtown. We’re rowing, and lifting, and jumping. We’re working out because we’ve seen the positive changes it’s made to body and soul. We’re on a mission to get as many out there with us as we can.

And we’re especially fussy about our clothes because we know that however motivated you are, if what you wear working out doesn’t feel right, you’re just not going to feel like doing it. Punishment was never the point.

HERENESS sportswear fits your body like soft sunlight. We made it to work with your workout.

HERENESS is about that sublime moment.

Our brand’s name, HERENESS, speaks of the unique sense of being present.

In this multitasking world, clamoring with distractions, it’s essential to harness technology in the service of living each moment to the fullest. Sports offers the quickest route to put us face to face with the here and now.

When you’re going for your personal best…

When training has your full focus...

When you’ve achieved a new asana

In those moments, being “here and now” is all you need and want to know.

Moving your body takes you there, and the profound feeling of that moment is what HERENESS is about.

Through physical movement, we want all to share the HERENESS.