Being Physically Active Drives Our Commitment to the Environment

It’s the warm sun smiling on us, the cool breeze that lifts the sweat from our shoulders, the brilliant greenery and birds calling out in the distance that feed our bliss in bodily movement.

For us to know the joy of physical activity, maintaining a stable environment is fundamental.

And because we have the power to move we recognize a deep obligation to make a difference on the issues of global climate change and marine plastics.

We’re committed to sustainability in all our materials, in our production, our delivery and supply chains. And we are continuing to expand that commitment as strategies and technologies for sustainability continue to evolve daily.

On each of our product pages you can read about that item’s steps toward sustainability, and throughout the site we hope you’ll continue to follow HERENESS in our pursuit of being responsible guardians of Earth.

None of the Plastic, All of the Pleasure

We’re trying to eliminate the use of plastic to the fullest extent we can.

Plastic packaging is removed from the process beyond delivery from the production facility. During the process of inventory management our warehoused garments are kept free of soiling and damage with the use of dedicated enclosures.

HERENESS sells directly online, and our products are digitally coded, without unnecessary and wasteful tags. We ship orders in highly recycled corrugated cardboard boxes, without any internal plastic packaging.

We want you to know that we make every effort to ensure that your order arrives in perfect condition without the use of extraneous plastic, but if for any reason you find anything unsatisfactory, please let us know and we’ll make it right. (Of course, if for any reason you’re uneasy about the lack of wrapping, by all means wash your garments before their first use.)

We’re grateful for your understanding our dedication at HERENESS to ridding the world of plastic waste, and we hope you’ll find satisfaction in playing a part in that effort.

We’re all in this world together, and we can work together to care for it!